Classic Black N’ White

There’s nothing more classic and chic than a Black and White outfit. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz have introduced to us and show us how these two colors can make you look so sophisticated without even really trying.

You really can’t go wrong with this kind of outfit! The monochromatic trend has a very strong aesthetic that exudes a stylish effect that never goes out of style.

For some inspiration, here is my version of the Classic Black and White outfit.


To achieve my Black and White outfit, i’m wearing a white silk satin sleeveless shirt with black lace and black details.

A black high-waisted trouser and a pair of black velvet pumps.


For makeup, i chose a neutral smokey eye with a winged eyeliner and nude lips. And for accessories i chose silver hoop earrings.

27935539_1342633615842384_418386503_nI would love to hear your thoughts!!

Hope you liked it!! xx

Shop the look: 


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