Hey Loves!

As you already know, i’m a huge makeup lover! I love makeup and its power of making you feel more luxurious and let express yourself!

But after all the hard work that we put to make our full face of makeup, we want that to stay perfect during our day. To achieve that a really common and effective way is using a setting spray. There are so many setting sprays in the market right now to choose from, but unfortunately they aren’t all of them effective.

The one that i have tried so far and really works for me is the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day setting spray. I really love this product!

I have combination skin and i’m pretty oily on the T-Zone. I found that when i set my makeup with this setting spray my makeup lasts a lot longer! But lets see a more detailed review.


Packaging: This setting spray comes in a slick black matte packaging with gold metallic details that i absolutely adore! All the ingredients are written on the side of the box and it also comes with directions on the other side too. Under the box you can find the scent of the setting spray that you bought, written on a gold metallic sticker too. The bottle of the product is clear matte plastic, good for travelling too, with the same design as the box of the product in black. On the bottle of the setting spray you can find the ingredients and directions too, so if you throw away the box of the product you still have them!


Product: The product itself is really really good! It’s really refreshing with a big variety of scents. I bought the cucumber scent, which reminds me of freshness and i absolutely love it! My skin feels so refreshed when i use it and my makeup stays for hours without touch-ups. The mist comes out really fine and it doesn’t left you behind droplets splattering your makeup. When i use it i feel that it brings back the water that my skin needs. You can use it to damp your beauty blender or your brush before applying your makeup, to refresh your makeup through out the day and also to get rid of over powder makeup and make it more natural, fresh and beautiful. You can also use it before applying your makeup to prep your skin and make your makeup glide on your face beautifully. The product is cruelty free too, is made in USA and it contains 3.38 oz (100 ml) which is a really good quantity for a setting spray and it will last you for a really long time.

I highly recommend this product to you guys! I’ll absolutely keep using it and i can’t wait to try the other scents too. The price of the product is really good although it isn’t a drugstore brand!


I hope you found this review useful! I’d love to hear your thoughts guys too! Have you tried it? Would you like to try it?

I hope you have a beautiful day!

Much love


You can buy this product from the official site of Gerard Cosmetics or from the Beauty Bay site where i bought it!



  1. I have been meaning to try these, but I saw some negative reviews on Beauty Bay each time one was on offer. I have oily skin as well and have been looking for a new setting spray that works. UD worked for a while, but ever since January my skin went crazy and that one cannot handle the oiliness anymore.

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    1. I’m really skeptical too when i see negative reviews on a product. I was searching for a good setting spray too and when i found it on offer i decided that i’ll take my own risk and finally try it. I have been using it for over two months now, and i have to say that i really don’t regret my decision. I found that my makeup lasts a lot longer since I’ve been using it and it really works for me! If you want to try it but you are afraid to get the full size, you can buy the mini size and see if it works for you too or not and decide by your own if you want to get the full size.💕


      1. hmm I did not know there was a mini. I might just get that one. It is not about being afraid as worst case scenario I just throw it away, but with so many products out there I would rather not waste money on something when I could have used that money to buy a full size high end product I know that I like – if it happens once fine, but with the amount of beauty products we buy….it adds up.

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