Hey Loves!

I know i haven’t post anything in a while and i’m really sorry for that but lately i’ve been really busy with my exams and because i didn’t want to post anything rushed, i preferred not to post anything until i get some free-time.

So, we are back with a new review to a new Maybelline New York product that i had the pleasure to try it, thanks to Trends Makeup Stores who were kind enough to send it to me, with other products that i’ll make a review for them very soon! So stay tuned for that!

But today we are talking about the new THE CITY KITS ALL-IN-ONE EYE & CHEEK- URBAN LIGHT PALETTE from Maybelline New York.

When i first saw this palette the first thing that caught my eye was how colorful it was! I’m a more of a  neutral warm-tone girl and this palette gave me the opportunity to step out a little bit from my comfort zone, which i really don’t mind at all!


But let’s see a more detailed review:

Packaging – This palette is really beautiful! It has a silver holographic packaging which is really eye-catching and makes the palette stands-out from the other palettes that i got. The holographic packaging completes the unicorn, rainbow vibes that you take from the colors of the palette too. It doesn’t contain an-attached mirror but if you have any other palettes from Maybelline New York, you know that this is a really common thing which i personally don’t mind at all. It has a transparent lid that lets you see the colors of the palette inside. When you open the palette it looks that they are all in one pan but they aren’t! The plastic between the colors is so thin and elegant and gives you the illusion that they are all placed only in one pan. The blush and the highlighter have the right pan size and let you easily grab the product on your brush without touching any of the eyeshadows. There is no issue with the case or the lid of the palette as it locks the box. In the front of the palette you get the name of the palette and on the back you get all the information that you need for a product, as for an example the ingredients of the palette and also some instructions for look ideas that are really helpful if you are a beginner.


Texture, pigmentation and shades – The palette itself contains 8 shimmering eyeshadows, one highlighter and one shimmering blush. The eyeshadows are really soft and pigmented. When you use the palette there is some fall out but nothing really crazy. The color selection is really beautiful! They are soft and pretty colors and you can use them to make a ton of different looks! They can be used either for a gorgeous natural everyday look or for a more bold Smokey eye night makeup look. The only negative thing that i have to say is that i wish there was one matte transition shade to give some definition to your eye before applying the shimmering shades but that’s okay, you can definitely use your bronzer for that if you don’t want to use any other eyeshadows. When i first used them i absolutely fell in love with them and i’m not gonna lie i was really surprised for how pigmented and gorgeous they were! I really love the three first shades for everyday looks (the light shimmering pink shade, the more rose-gold pink shade and the gold- champagne shade), especially the gold-champagne shade is my favorite as i’ve already told you i’m a more of a neutral-warm tone girl and this shade suits with every makeup look that i make. But i really love all the other shades too and i can’t wait to use them to make some makeup looks. The two middle shades are a more iridescent shades. The left one is an iridescent pink and the right one is more of a blue iridescent shade. They are both breathtaking and if you want to make them pop a little bit more you can put them on top of a dark matte eyeshadow.

The shimmering blush on this palette is gorgeous too! It’s a cute rosy color with a soft gold shimmer in it that gives to your skin a really healthy glow that i absolutely adore! When i use this blush i focus it on the apples of my chicks and it makes my skin so healthy and so beautiful! The highlighter on the palette is perfect! It melts to my skin and it gives me a gorgeous glow. You can use it light handed for a more natural everyday look or you can built it up to a gorgeous more blinding highlighter! I have a light/medium skin tone and it matches me perfect. If you have a deeper skin tone i would recommend to use it really softly as it might be a little light to you. But you can definitely use it as an eyeshadow too or as a highlighter topper for a little more pop if it doesn’t match you completely.


Here are some swatches of all the eyeshadows, the blush and the highlighter of the palette: 


Starting from left to right we have the purple eyeshadow from the last row of the palette, the green eyeshadow which is the last shade on the first row, the gold-champagne color, the rose-gold, pink eyeshadow and the light pink shade which is the first eyeshadow on the first row of the palette.


Then we have, again from left to right, the blush and the highlighter of the palette, the blue-iridescent eyeshadow which is the left eyeshadow on the second row of the palette, the pink-iridescent eyeshadow which is the first eyeshadow on the second row and our last color but definitely not least, we have the shimmering silver-black eyeshadow which is the last color on the palette.


I totally recommend this palette and i’ll definitely keep using it. I loved the colors, the pigment is great and they last all day. It’s a really beautiful and affordable palette that’s worth to give it a shot.


Have you guys tried it? Do you want to try it? Would you like to see some makeup looks using this palette?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Kisses until the next time!


You can find this palette from the official site of Maybelline New York or if you are from Cyprus you can find it from all the Trends Makeup Stores.


9 thoughts on “Maybelline New York – THE CITY KITS ALL-IN-ONE EYE & CHEEK- URBAN LIGHT PALETTE Review

    1. I think it’s a really good palette for beginners😊 It has almost everything you’ll need! It’s really cheap and a very good quality product❣ Also the eyeshadows are really blendable too!❤ Let me know your thoughts if you try it☺


      1. Of course i don’t mind! I’d love to help you as much as i can! I was using for years the Infallible 24h Foundation from L’Oreal Paris and it was really good but because i have a combination skin i wanted something to last a little bit longer especially in my t-zone where i tend to be more oily. So now i’m using the SuperStay Long-Lasting Full Coverage Foundation from Maybelline New York and i’m soo in love with this foundation!
        It’s full coverage, it’s blending like a dream and it lasts a really long time! 😍 A full review on this foundation is coming soon so if you are interested follow my blog so you won’t miss it ❤


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