Hey Loves!

If you love matte liquid lipsticks but you are on a budget, i got you!

So today we are talking about the matte lip gloss from Elixir Make-up but actually is a matte liquid lipstick!


So let’s begin our review:

First of all let’s talk about its packaging. It has a clear packaging that allows you to see the color of the lipstick inside. Its packaging feels pretty good for a really affordable product like this! It has a matte black cap that makes it look a little more luxurious. It also has a flat doe foot applicator which make the application pretty easy.


This liquid lipstick has a thin comfortable formula that dries out completely matte. It doesn’t make my lips feel heavy or really dry although i applied three coats. It’s completely transfer-proof and it lasts a really long time.  


I got the No. 340 which is a classy red color that i absolutely love! It has a little sparkle in it that you can’t really tell when you are wearing it but gives to your lips that healthy glow and make them look a little bit more juicy.


The only negative that i have to say is that it’s a little bit sheer and you need two or three coats to get full coverage to your lips. But you can definitely make it work, since it’s easy to built it up. So that’s why i believe they called it a matte lip gloss and not a liquid lipstick. But overall i believe it’s a pretty good product especially for its price!!

This matte lip-gloss is only 5 euros!!

29138473_1380033185435760_1014032072_nSo if you don’t mind put a little more effort to get the full pigmentation i believe that it’s a really good and affordable product that you can try and decide by your own if you like it or not.

I personally won’t purchase it again although i really love this color.


But let me know what do you guys think about this product? Would you try it or not?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Kisses until the next time!


You can find this product from the official site of ELIXIR MAKE-UP.


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