BH Cosmetics – Marble Collection – Warm Stone Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey Loves!💕

For a really long time, i have been hearing so many good things about BH Cosmetics, especially for their eyeshadow palettes. So, i got so intrigued and i decided to try one of their products to get my own opinion.

When i got into the BH Cosmetics’ site, immediately i fell in love with a warm tone eyeshadow palette, the Marble Collection Warm Stone Eyeshadow PaletteI really love warm tone eyeshadows and this was just perfect for me. It’s a 12 color eyeshadow palette with both shimmers and mattes. It has 6 matte colors and 6 shimmers. A variety of colors perfect for any eyeshadow look you want to create. It also has a great size mirror, that you can use to do your makeup. The perfect eyeshadow palette to take with you if you are travelling too.

The packaging of this eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! It has a beautiful grey marble design with gold letters on it. The palette inside is white, which makes the colors pop even more. The thing that really surprised me when the palette came, is its weight. The palette feels really luxurious for a drugstore makeup brand, which i really appreciate. Also, this eyeshadow palette is cruelty free.

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The eyeshadows have a really soft, creamy texture. They are really pigmented and they are blending like a dream!! It has a little fall-out but nothing really dramatic or really noticeable.

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Here are some swatches of the palette without any eyeshadow primer.



This palette has every shade that you need to create a complete eyeshadow look. Either a soft everyday look, either a more glam, night-time makeup look.

For some inspiration i’ll show you a soft everyday makeup look that i created with this palette, perfect for the summer!

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To create this look i used the eyeshadow color 5 in my crease, like an eye contour, so there is something to help me blend the other colors. Then i built my crease with the eyeshadow color 3 and i blended it. Afterwards, to define a little bit the outer v of my eye, i placed the eyeshadow color 4 and i blended them really good. Remember that blending is the key to create the perfect eyeshadow look! I wanted to keep my eye-look really soft, so i didn’t use any other colors. But if you want, you can keep building the outer v of the eye gradually with the darker colors of the palette. Then, i placed this stunning duochrome gold shimmer eyeshadow (color 2) all-over my lid. Personally, i prefer applying any shimmer eyeshadow with my fingers. Because, i find that this way works better and faster for me and you get immediately the full pigmentation of the eyeshadow. Finally, i blended on my lower lash-line the colors 3 and 4 and that’s it! Super easy right?

I totally recommend to try this eyeshadow palette. Personally, this is my favorite eyeshadow palette. Since the day that i got it i haven’t stop using it. Either i want to create a soft everyday makeup look, either i want to create a night-time glam makeup look, this is the perfect eyeshadow palette!!

If you want to try this eyeshadow palette too, you can find it in the official BH Cosmetics site right here: Marble Collection Warm Stone Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics although it is a really affordable brand, always has many offers too. So, if you are lucky you could buy it in the half price!

Hope you liked it!❤

Let me know if you want more mini makeup tutorials from me☺

Kisses until the next time!!💋💋💋


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