Rimmel London Makeup Haul

Hey Loves, Rimmel London is one of the most famous drugstore brands. It's really affordable but it has really good products too. Personally, i use many products from Rimmel London that i really like and work perfect for me. Today, i will show you some products that i use everyday and i would totally recommend … Continue reading Rimmel London Makeup Haul


Underrated Affordable Lipsticks

Hey Loves! So many makeup products come out and it's really impossible to keep up with all of them. And i believe that some products, that are actually really good, don't get enough credit or they don't get any credit at all. Today i want to show you guys some lipsticks that i really love … Continue reading Underrated Affordable Lipsticks


Hey Loves! I know i've been away for too long but now i'm back with a new review on another Maybelline New York product, the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. This product has been sent to me by Trends Makeup Stores, which i really appreciate, but i want to make it clear that … Continue reading MAYBELLINE NEW YORK – SUPERSTAY MATTE INK™ LIQUID LIPSTICK


Hey Loves! If you love matte liquid lipsticks but you are on a budget, i got you! So today we are talking about the matte lip gloss from Elixir Make-up but actually is a matte liquid lipstick! So let's begin our review: First of all let's talk about its packaging. It has a clear packaging that … Continue reading ELIXIR MAKE-UP MATTE LIP GLOSS REVIEW