Outfit Post – White Chic Off Shoulder Dress

Hey Loves, I know i haven't post anything in a while. I was really busy with my university exams and i couldn't find any free time. But, now i'm back with a post that I've been really wanted to show you and that's an outfit post with one of my favorite dresses! I really love … Continue reading Outfit Post – White Chic Off Shoulder Dress


Denim Jean Jacket Outfit

Hey Sweethearts! I decided to do something a little bit different from my usual products' reviews. So today, i'll show you an easy effortless way to wear your denim jean jacket and look good without really trying. All of us have days that we are not in mood to dress up and put effort to … Continue reading Denim Jean Jacket Outfit

Yellow is such an underrated color 💛

Happy Friday Loves! The weather these days has been really bad. But we won't let this affect our mood. Since the sun is not in mood you can be in through a bright yellow outfit. I think yellow is really an underrated color! However it's a beautiful bright color that looks good to most of … Continue reading Yellow is such an underrated color 💛

Classic Black N’ White

There's nothing more classic and chic than a Black and White outfit. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz have introduced to us and show us how these two colors can make you look so sophisticated without even really trying. You really can't go wrong with this kind of outfit! The monochromatic trend has a very strong aesthetic that … Continue reading Classic Black N’ White