My Current Favorite Lip Balm

Hey Loves,

Today i want to share with you my current favorite lip balm. I know lip balms aren’t something really exciting, but moisturizing your lips is really important.

Lately while i was shopping i discovered a lip balm that i really loved. So, i’m talking about the Yves Rocher Pear & Cacao Scented Lip Balm.

It has a beautiful scent that i absolutely adore. It’s not something overwhelming, instead it’s a beautiful soft pear and cacao scent, exactly like its name. I’ve never tried any Yves Rocher lip balm before, but i have to say that i really liked its formula and i’d like to try some other scents too. It goes on very smooth and you feel your lips immediately softer. It doesn’t add any color to your lips which i personally prefer for lip balms. It’s packaging is really cute too!!


I really don’t have many things to say for a lip balm, i just wanted to share it with you guys because i really liked it and i’m really satisfied with the results on my lips. It’s not a new lip balm, specifically it’s a Christmas collection item, so unfortunately i don’t really know if you can find it anymore. But if you spot it anywhere, i definitely recommend to try it. If you don’t find this specific scent or if you don’t like pear scent at all, i totally recommend to try any of the other Yves Rocher lip balms since their formula is really good and really moisturizing.


As always, i’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Have you tried any Yves Rocher lip balm or product in general? Let me know down below❀

Kisses until the next timeπŸ’‹πŸ’‹


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